But first, some history

Way back in 1938, Colgate-Palmolive took over the building from a company that made a floating soap, before spending the next 70 years boshing out toothpaste, detergents, and dishwasher liquid.

These days, the place is a little less domestic. A lot more exciting. And at least 100% cooler.

Here’s what you can expect

Join us at the Soapworks, and you’ll quickly discover that it isn’t your everyday workplace. In fact, there’s literally something for everyone.

There’s a 350 seat industrial inspired restaurant and café that leads out onto a rooftop herb garden with panoramic views over the River Irwell. There’s even a games space with table football, Xboxes and table tennis.

And those herbs? You guessed it – you’ll get to sample them in the lunches you can grab from our restaurant with a menu that changes daily.

An amazing space to work in

What makes the Soapworks even better is that it’s also an amazing space to work in.

And it begins with our secret control room. Flick a switch and an expansive opaque glass panel turns transparent to reveal a wall of screens that help us monitor our networks, our service quality, and more.

Then there are 80 neighbourhoods, 40 meeting spaces, 30 private work pods and booths, and all kinds of multi-use project spaces.

It all means that cool is actually an understatement.

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