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From Digital to Data Engineering, and from OSS to Service Delivery, tech powers every aspect of our business. And as part of our tech team, you’ll get 100% out of every tech tool, product, service, or system we use – and 100% out of your career.

Digital Team

Our Digital Team is responsible for multi-channel Sales and Self-Service engagement. In other words, they create customer experiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle, across a number of channels including web, mobile/tablet and chat, together with internal portals for our own customer service agents and in-home engineers.

We operate in cross-functional teams, split into squads. We’re on a journey towards implementing the latest, cutting edge technology. We lean towards Sec-Dev-Ops, underpinned by a collaborative no-red-tape start-up culture. We follow Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban. And our strength comes from the diversity of backgrounds, skills and experiences our people bring to their roles.

It all means that our digital people are exposed to everything from AI and bots, to technology Hackathons, to cloud technologies, to API driven thinking.

And if you join us in a senior role, you’ll also lead a squad to plan, design and deliver solutions that take in all of this amazing tech and more, before deploying them across our business.

Data Engineering Team

Our Enterprise Data Warehouse is at the heart of our business. It’s critical to our mission. Without it, we wouldn’t have the data we need to make big decisions when it matters.

To put things into perspective, our team of data engineers and test analysts process around 5 billion records a day. They load data from over 120 different source systems, transform that data into usable structures, and use it to deliver the reports and analytics we all rely on.

And they do it fast.

As part of the team, you’ll work in 2-week agile sprints, you’ll act on feedback, and you’ll focus on continuous improvement across everything you do. And, because we’re one of the first telcos to migrate our data warehouse platform to Azure, supported by a direct line to Microsoft’s product management team, you’ll discover the chance to get involved in some mind-blowing approaches and new ways of working.

OSS Delivery Team

As part of our OSS Team, you’ll find yourself at the heart of our business, supporting the launch of new products and systems that help us sell our services, bill our customers, and keep everything ticking over smoothly, 24/7 365.

Right now, we’re getting stuck into improvement to our customer repair journeys, we’re launching the next generation of connectivity for our consumer and business customers, and that’s literally just the beginning.

The size and scope of our systems is incredible. As are the skills of the people who make it all happen.

We work with all kinds of tech, from OOP languages like C#, Java and C++, through to cutting edge COTS and CRM systems including Pega and Salesforce. So, you’ll quickly discover that no two days are ever the same as you collaborate across our business – and often outside of it - to get the most from every tool we use.

BSS Team

Here, the numbers speak for themselves. Our BSS Team looks after revenue of £100m per month. They handle 600,000 customer orders per month. And they fire off 60,000 items of customer comms per day.

It’s an open and collaborative team, and we manage a portfolio of applications including TIBCO, Singleview, Onesys, Opentext Exstream and Chordiant, together with IBM’s MDM that we use to manage our market leading broadband fixed price plans.

Join us and you’ll be the go-to person for your application areas. You’ll keep our critical systems up and running, you’ll have the freedom to manage your own portfolio the way you think is best, you’ll lead your own offshore development team, and you’ll drive the business roadmap for your area.

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