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We exist to make things more affordable, reliable, simple and fair for our customers across broadband, TV, mobile and voice. We made our first big step back in 2004 by offering free calls between TalkTalk homes, followed quickly in 2006 with the launch of free Broadband. And we haven’t stopped challenging the status quo since then.

Right now, we have over 4 million customers, and we’re firmly focused on fibre. So much so that we’re even building our own Fibre-To-The-Premise network in York which already has industry-leading customer satisfaction.

Join our Customer Team and you’ll meet the people responsible for everything from Commercial, Sales, Product, Insight and Marketing through to Operations - be it Joining, Repair, Billing and Customer Services. Not to mention everyone behind our new Customer Experience function that brings together exceptional Product Owners with talented UI/UX designers to ensure we’re designing the best possible, digital-first, experiences.

We’re currently looking for more than 100 people to join our team, which means there’s a great chance that you’ll find something that suits you. We’re a friendly and energetic bunch, extremely committed and passionate about doing right by our customers and our business, and you’ll work with everyone across the business to make it happen.

All of which means we want commercially savvy, hands-on and results driven people who are comfortable with change and with working at a fast pace in an incredibly flat structure.

We don’t just welcome people to take ownership of their area – we encourage it, whatever their level.

Blog on our Consumer Fairer Pricing Commitment – Tristia Harrison, CEO

"For too long, the telecoms industry has taken advantage of loyal customers. Whilst switching provider can save you a lot of money, it's not fun. That's partly because the large firms in the market have cynically obstructed efforts to make it easier. Having made it difficult to switch, companies often then penalise those that don't. The best deals are often reserved for new customers. Once those deals expire, prices rise, leaving loyal customers paying significantly more than new ones without realising.

I know this, because for a while, TalkTalk was guilty of it. Having started life as the challenger committed to making the market fairer, we started to copy some of the bad habits of our rivals.

But two years ago, we decided to change. We asked our customers what frustrated them about the market. Loyalty penalties were top of their list. So we listened. Since then, we've been working to tackle them.

We changed our business model and made it fairer. We launched new deals, called Fixed Low Price Plans. As the name suggests, they bucked the trend in the market by guaranteeing not to raise broadband prices mid-contract.

The new plans were very affordable, but crucially, we didn't restrict them to new customers. We actively encouraged our existing customers, who often paid higher prices, to switch and save money. That meant we effectively lowered prices for millions of existing customers to bring their bills into line with new customers.

And we made it easier for customers to always stay on our best prices. Too often, companies hope customers don't realise when their contract is expiring, meaning they accidentally roll onto higher prices. We don't think that's fair. We now write to customers warning them that their contract is coming to an end and encouraging them to re-contract for better prices. If they don't do anything, we send a reminder.

Some customers actively choose to roll out of contract and pay higher prices, because they want the flexibility of being able to leave at any point without penalty. That means on average, existing customers still pay slightly more than new ones. However, because we now proactively contact customers to warn them when contracts are expiring, the proportion of customers out of contract has fallen. Given the choice, most prefer to sign again and save money.

That means that the gap between what our new and existing customers pay has been shrinking. On average, the difference is now just £1-2 per month. The opposite is true of our rivals. Their gap has been growing and is now typically £13-15 per month.

Becoming fairer did come with a cost. In the short-term, our profits declined as we lowered prices for existing customers. But we've ripped the plaster off, and now have a simpler, fairer business that will ultimately be more profitable over time.

It's proved popular too. Before we launched our new plans, our customer base was declining. Since launching the new plans, we've become one of the fastest growing companies in the market. And our customers are happier, too. That's why the number of customers leaving us has fallen to its lowest ever level. 

So TalkTalk has proved it can be done. As an industry, we don't have to penalise loyalty. It's a choice."

Soapworks is more than a building. It marks a new chapter in TalkTalk – a modern, collaborative, 'next gen' TalkTalk.

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